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A holistic solution designed to save you and your members money on healthcare

We’re here to make healthcare approachable and affordable. Our personalized advocacy programs and cost containment solutions identify and protect real savings opportunities for your members. Plus, we identify organizational benefit package improvement areas and develop strategies to deliver an all-around better healthcare experience for less.


Healthcare Expense Solutions

Healthcare is personal. That’s why our team of industry experts are here to help. We offer a range of solutions tailored to each of your member’s unique circumstances. Plus, we do all the heavy lifting so you can get back to business as usual.

Denied Claim Support

Using our proprietary platform, we review denied healthcare claims and identify savings opportunities on your member’s behalf.

Healthcare Bill Review

Healthcare bills can be confusing. We review and explain any type of bill including medical bills, prescription drug bills, dental, behavioral health, and more!

Coverage Review

Healthcare benefit packages are not always optimal. Our coverage review solutions provides your members with personalized care strategies.

Pharmacy Expenses

We match your member’s needs to the best options available so they don’t overpay for prescription drugs and out-of-pocket pharmacy bills.

Out-of-Network Negotiations

Out-of-Network care can get expensive quickly. Our industry experts help your member’s negotiate the right price even if it wasn’t in the “right” place.

Custom Soultions

Experiences Designed Just for You

We also offer solutions, programs, and cost containment approaches tailored specifically for your organization as a whole. We’ve designed the platform to easily and safely integrate with partner environments to create a seamless and personal healthcare journey.

Benefit Plan Reviews

Our proprietary platform aggregates and identifies oceans of data to find trending issues across your member base benefit packages and episodes of care.

Program Coordination

We work with partners within the plans ecosystem to identify and encourage participation in programs to benefit members. Creating a more integrated and seamless experience.

Incentive Programs

We have developed custom incentive programs to encourage members to utilize high quality providers with the most competitive rates. These preferred providers promotes savings for the plan and the member.

We take care of everything so you don’t have to

Healthcare can cause unnecessary stress, overhead, and financial burden on your organization and its people. Whether you are an employer, a health plan, or anyone else, let us bring clarity to an unclear process to save your members money, energy, and time.


Athos helps employers create cost-effective healthcare strategies for their employees. We make your employee’s healthcare affordable and stress-free. Our platform also identifies trends and strategies to optimize your healthcare benefit packages overall.

Health Plans

We offer solutions and resources to health plan members to create optimal payer experiences. Working alongside your member base, we ensure that members get the best care for the best price.

Healthcare Navigators

We work with healthcare navigators who don’t bear the cost of care but still bear the burden of navigating it on behalf of their members. Our expertise, technology, and programs offer a broad solution to navigator portfolios.

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