We strive to make saving on your healthcare expense straightforward for everyone.

Our products focus on your fund, your people, or both.


Claim Review

We recover money that your fund already spent. 



We have your peoples' backs in the here and now.


Member Incentives

We create a win-win opportunity for future savings for both your fund and your people.

Your Athos Team uses our proprietary Claim Analyzer to uncover past overpayments and then works with your TPA/ASO to recover them. We take it yet another step and identify your unique high spending areas and present opportunities for you to lower your healthcare expense. 

Your people need someone on their side to navigate their healthcare needs. Our Advocacy Team does just that.  We answer questions about medical bills and fix errors before they are paid. Our Member Portal makes it easy to safely share relevant information to streamline this process.

Using your fund's historical claim data, our Member Incentive Team implements a benefit program that rewards your people for making healthcare decisions that both meet their needs and saves your fund money.

Your Holistic solution

Our products work hand-in-hand to provide a holistic solution to your healthcare cost needs. We realize your priorities change from year to year, and our suite of products is built to accommodate your changing needs.

If you have a question, want to learn more, or want to explore how we can help you...