Why should you hire athos?  We're glad you asked.

Your Athos team is at the leading edge of our business, and we want to help you keep at the leading edge of yours. The current healthcare billing system is broken, and puts your goals at risk.  When you save money on one of your largest expenses, we know it enables you to put that money toward your company goals, and that's just good business.

specific benefits of an athos partnership include:

  • Real cost savings that reduce healthcare expenses.
  • Easy setup and management for a non-intrusive process.
  • Independent reviews to protect employee privacy. 
  • Identification of unique organizational savings opportunities.
  • Implementation of your specific savings opportunities.
  • Expertise to protect your employees and fund from overpaying for medical care.
  • Helps meet plan administrator fiduciary responsibility.
  • HIPAA compliant security to keep data safe.
  • Members gain confidence with their advocate at their side.