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April 7, 2020

Member Profile: Ana Jaramillo

Athos Health Team
4 Min
The Jaramillo Family

During a routine prenatal visit, Ana’s physician ordered lab tests, but didn’t tell Ana what was ordered.

Ana assumed all the tests would be covered by her insurance. However, there were tests she did not request which were denied by insurance company.  The lab then billed her an amount that she would be responsible to pay out of pocket, a significant amount which her and her family did not have in their budget.

After consulting with an Athos Health Advocate Ana was relieved to know that someone was there to help her reduce this surprise medical bill.  

Athos negotiated with her insurance company and in the end the insurance company covered roughly half of her medical bill. This was a huge relief, but Ana still owed for half of the bill. Our advocates then contacted the provider and requested records of Ana’s request for the test, where there were no records of it. The provider was not willing to help with the bill.

After the provider refused to negotiate, Athos then turned to the lab.

The lab agreed to give Ana payment options thanks to the help of her Advocate. These options were feasible for her family as these bills came during a very difficult time in the Jaramillo’s lives.

“I was so relieved when I heard there was a chance for the bill to be reduced and we feel so much better now knowing that we did everything we could to take care of this bill. Athos communicated with me throughout the entire process and was quick to re-spond to my questions and concerns. The service was top-notch, professional and very honest from the beginning. We were able to put the stress and burden of this bill aside and focus on what’s truly important in our everyday lives.”

Ana had confidence that the Athos team knew exactly what to do to get this resolved to the best of their ability.

Helping members like Ana is what keeps Athos striving for success when it comes to navigating the fragmented healthcare system. We strive to help our members with surprise medical bills, denied claim support and out-of-network negotiations.

Athos will apply the same practices and concepts to help you and your employees save money.

Contact us at to learn how we can help your organization and click the link to explore our website. Remember, choosing the right plan and double checking your bills can save you money and Athos is here to help you through the healthcare journey.

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