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February 4, 2020

Member Profile: Alicia Keeler and Callie Keeler

Athos Health Team
3 Min
The Keeler Family

Alicia and Callie reside in a small town in Iowa with limited healthcare options.

On August 3rd, 2018 11-year-old Callie was in a dirt bike accident where she sustained a concussion resulting in the loss of consciousness and fractured four bones in both arms. She needed a higher level of care and the result was a costly helicopter ride to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Callie has made nearly a full recovery but the Keeler family was faced with life altering medical bill.

During the early summer of 2019 the Keeler family received a bill regarding Callies accident from their insurance provider. The bill stated that the insurance company has paid $39,000 of the $60,000 helicopter bill and that the patient responsibility was zero dollars.

After receiving the bill the Keelers though they owed nothing due to the unclear bill they had received.

Towards the end of the 2019 Summer the Keelers received a bill of $21,000 from the helicopter transport company. The insurance company deemed the helicopter service “out of network” and left the Keelers responsible for the remainder of the bill.  After researching surprise medical bills and balance bills the keelers came across an article on Athos in the Star Tribune.

Using the secure online portal, the Keelers were able to submit their daughters medical documents and begin the advocacy process.

“I received a call from Jon the very next morning! He stated he thought he would be able to help us! My husband and I both work fulltime and unfortunately, we did not have the time, knowledge about the situation or the effort to put forth towards this. This huge bill was creating a lot of stress and tension due to not knowing if we were going to be responsible for the remainder of the bill.”

“We had confidence that Athos knew exactly what to do to get this resolved.”

“Our family was in constant communication with Athos via the portal every step of the way. It was a great weight lifted off of our shoulders knowing that we could trust Athos. We are happy to say that Athos Health knew exactly who to call and the moves to take in order to get my daughters bill resolved. The expense for the service was well worth the $21,000 we saved on my daughters surprise medical bill.”

Athos will apply the same practices and concepts to help you and your employees save money.

Contact us at to learn how we can help your organization and click the link to explore our website. Remember, choosing the right plan and double checking your bills can save you money and Athos is here to help through the healthcare journey.

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