Health Advocacy for individuals made easy

Athos offers our comprehensive health advocacy to individuals who face large medical bills. With a high success rate of reducing cost and overturning denied claims, we are confident that our service will benefit you.

Our advocates are experts in helping consumers navigate large medical bills. If you have a bill you think is wrong or larger than you expected, we can help ease your mind and make sure you aren't paying more than you should.

Large Medical Bills

Large medical bills are scary and if unaddressed can have significant impact on your financial health. Don't avoid the bills in the hope they will go away, instead talk to an expert.

Our Approach

Our advocates will provide a free consultation. We will review the bill, outline how we would approach the issue, and discuss if it makes sense to hire us. If you do hire us, our fees are a one-time upfront payment with a money back guarantee.

Denied Claim Support

We review denied claims to identify savings and coverage solutions on your behalf. Our advocates work quickly to communicate with insurance companies / providers to get each problem solved.

Uninsured or Non-Covered Service

If you end up with a large bill because you didn't have medical insurance or your insurance doesn't cover your medical expense, our advocates can work to reduce your bill through negotiations or financial assistance programs.

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