Employee Advocacy

Medical bills are error prone and can be stressful for employees. While an Athos medical claim audit reviews all claims for the self insured plan, sometimes employees could use more individual and on-demand assistance. Adding an Athos advocacy plan to a medical claim audit can save your employees money, and give them peace of mind.


Out-of-Network Claim Negotiation

Personal Claim Review

Whether a patient has an emergency or needs a specialized physician, it’s not always possible to use an
in-network provider.

Unfortunately, out-of-network claims have significantly higher prices for identical care.

We use our expertise to protect patients from overpaying, and encourage providers to accept a fair price for their services.

Overlapping statements from multiple providers, ambiguous codes, and high costs can make medical bills feel overwhelming.

Our advocates work exclusively for the patient, and identifiable data is never shared with employers. 

We use first-hand information to help patients navigate the financial process, and overturn billing mistakes, if necessary.