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Take fear out of the healthcare billing process
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Cut organizational costs associated with healthcare
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Member Advocacy

Our advocacy program takes fear out of the healthcare billing process.

Out of Network Negotiations

Out-of-Network care gets expensive quickly, and often people are surprised by a large bill. Our industry experts help your members negotiate the right price even if it wasn’t at the right place.

Denied Claim Support

We review denied claims to identify savings and coverage solutions on your member’s behalf. Our advocates work quickly to communicate with insurance companies / providers to get each problem solved.

Healthcare Bill Review

Healthcare bills are confusing, and often members receive conflicting information from insurance companies and providers. Our advocates are always available to review and explain medical bills, prescription drug bills, behavioral health, and more.

Pharmacy Expenses

We match your member’s needs to the best options available, and ensure they’re not overpaying for prescription drugs or out-of-pocket pharmacy bills.  

Cut organizational costs associated with healthcare

Increase Productivity

Our advocates take care of every healthcare question or billing issue from start to finish. We act as a dedicated resource for your members—giving HR their time back, and the confidence their employees are getting the healthcare support they deserve.

Organizational Savings

Our platform identifies trends and strategies to optimize your healthcare benefits.  Our proven approach will lower organizational expenses without costing your employees.

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