We strive to make saving on your healthcare expense straightforward.

The healthcare billing system is broken, and we're part of your solution.  Our process is designed with that goal in mind.



Your Athos team works with your TPA/ASO to collect de-identified claim level data.  Athos scours it for errors and recovers overpayments. We can save your self-funded health plan up to 1-3% of annual medical expenses, and help fulfill the plan administrator's fiduciary responsibility.


With the de-identified claim level data in hand, your Athos team looks for unique spending patterns in your organization and finds ways for you to capitalize on them. We identify high spending areas and present incentive solutions that will lower your healthcare expense in a meaningful way. 


Action time! By pushing incentive information out to your employees, they'll be armed with confidence in their decision making power to both obtain the care they need and be fiscally responsible. 


We work hard to earn your repeat business.  Our goal is to be a continued solution you can trust to get the most out of your healthcare dollars.