It’s our mission to protect people from paying more than they should for healthcare

We empower members to make confident decisions about healthcare by providing support and resources through every step of the healthcare billing process.

Confused by your medical bill? We’ll check it for errors and make sure you understand what you’re paying for.

Support for Employees

Our advocacy services are focused on assisting members through the financial complexities of the healthcare system. Our goal is to remove surprise and confusion that surrounds medical billing by ensuring members understand how to use their benefit packages wisely.

Lessen the Burden

HR teams are often overwhelmed by a constant flow of healthcare questions from employees, and it can be challenging to juggle this weight alongside regular duties. We alleviate this stress by providing a dedicated resource to walk employees through every healthcare issue.

“Fantastic service, Athos paid for itself within the first few months.”
- Lisa, HR Manager

Streamline your benefit programs—we offer valuable insights to simplify healthcare management.

Identifying and addressing gaps in coverage
Tricks for spotting a problem before it’s too late
When to call an Athos Advocate for help

Cost-Effective Healthcare

Not only are we dedicated to helping members receive the best care for the best price, but our team identifies cost saving opportunities on a broader level, ensuring that organizations offer the most simple and efficient healthcare.

Athos Health truly exists to help people. After years of witnessing people get lost in the disconnect between providers and insurance companies, our founders were determined to make a difference by simplifying the way businesses and employees interact with the healthcare system.

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