Healthcare is expensive.  We hear you.

Healthcare costs in the U.S. have grown at a rate 2.5 times inflation.  It's left self-insured organizations like yours scrambling for savings and answers.  Your people and company have hopes, dreams, and goals, and minimizing one of your largest expenses, while still obtaining quality care, will go a long way toward obtaining them.


The Athos Solution.

Athos offers a suite of solutions, enabling you to realize valuable savings, protect your employees or members from overpaying, and empower your people to make positive changes that affect the company's bottom line on healthcare expense. We realize you're busy with your business, and strive to make our solutions as non-invasive and easy as possible.


Claim review

Your fund recovers money with our Claim Review. Over 10% of medical bills have errors; why would the bills to your fund be any different? We review your historical claims, find errors, and your fund gets it's money back.



Healthcare is confusing and time consuming. Your people get our Advocacy Team on their side when they're dealing with an error or question on their medical bills. They choose a convenient time for a conversation, and we provide the expertise.


Member incentives

With Member Incentives, both your fund and your people get money savings opportunities on healthcare expenses. When your employees / members choose to receive their care from a preferred (lower-cost) provider, they receive a cash incentive  and your fund receives an overall smaller healthcare bill.