Healthcare is expensive.  We hear you.

Healthcare costs in the U.S. have grown at a rate 2.5 times inflation.  It's left self-insured organizations like yours scrambling for savings and answers.  Your people and company have hopes, dreams, and goals, and minimizing one of your largest expenses, while still obtaining quality care, will go a long way toward obtaining them.


The Athos Solution.

Through our Discover, Direct, and Inspire process, you'll realize valuable savings, learn about existing inefficiencies in your company's healthcare spend, and enable your employees to make positive changes that affect the company's bottom line on healthcare expense.



We examine your plan's previous claims, find errors, and recover your overspent money.  With over 10% of medical bills having errors, this is an early win for your organization.



We identify unique opportunities where making a few minor behavioral changes will add up to significant money for your organization.  Furthermore, we provide appropriate incentive levels that will help make these changes happen.



We convince your employees to make the behavioral changes that will save your plan money.  With incentives and timely information, your employees will continue to receive the healthcare they need while realizing the company savings you want.