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A personal guide for your members on their healthcare journey

Athos Health protects your members from overpaying on their healthcare with personalized advocacy programs and solutions.

Our advocates make healthcare manageable and affordable

Denied Claim Support

Out-of-Network Negotiations

Pharmacy Expenses

Protecting your members from paying more than they should

Athos advocates work hard to protect our members from surprise medical bills and the rising costs of prescription drugs.

What our customers have to say

"Athos services have been beyond good, there are no words to describe how grateful we are of their services. Athos really went beyond the extra mile and was instrumental to get our medical coverage appeal resolved to our full satisfaction."
- Jorge Aguilar
“Athos gave me options when I thought I had none. They went above and beyond by taking my healthcare bill on as their own. It could have financially devastated me but instead, they saved me $27,000!”
- Rachel Owens
“I was so thankful that my employer offered this service. Even though I worked in healthcare, there were things that I didn't understand. Athos was a true advocate. They knew what to ask and when, ultimately protecting me from paying for a $38,000 billing mistake.”
- Bonnie Helvie
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